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Furious protesters mob Iraq war inquiry

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Anti-war protesters launched an angry attack on Tony Blair today after he 'sneaked' into the Iraq inquiry and claimed there were growing calls for the former prime minister to face a war crimes tribunal.

Scores of activists turned up, holding banners calling the ex-premier a liar and chanting "Tony Blair - to The Hague," where war crimes tribunals are held.

One man wore a Tony Blair mask and handcuffed himself to a mock prison cell door to loud cheers from his colleagues.

Andrew Murray, chairman of the Stop The War Coalition, said: "Yet again he has sneaked in under cover of darkness, mirroring the way in which he launched his illegal war in 2003."

"Hopefully later today he will be asked to tell the truth about the legal advice he was given by Lord Goldsmith and also be challenged publicly about the contents of his letters to George Bush which he is still keeping secret."

Sources: Daily Mail (UK)

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