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Honduran coup d'état finds rival in Nicaragua

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I was surprised to discover at the end of October while reading the newspaper in Honduras that a coup d'état had been detected in Nicaragua. According to the 21 October edition of the Honduran daily La Tribuna, former Nicaraguan president Arnoldo Alemán had applied the term golpe de estado to the recent ruling by the Nicaraguan Supreme Court of Justice that Article 147 of the national Constitution prohibiting the immediate reelection of presidents was "inapplicable" in the case of current President Daniel Ortega's proposed candidature in 2011.

Alemán refrained from applying such terminology to the behavior of courts of other nationalities, such as the June order by the Honduran Supreme Court of Justice that the Honduran armed forces remove President Mel Zelaya from power"which seemed to be more in line with the traditional definition of "coup" as it had involved a change of government. The Honduran coup regime of Roberto Micheletti meanwhile missed the opportunity to capitalize on conceptual adaptations by Alemán and to concede that there had in fact been a coup in Honduras but that it had been carried out by Zelaya.

Sources: Upside Down World

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