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Karachi killing triggers clashes

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Up to 45 people have been killed in the Pakistani city of Karachi after clashes broke out following the killing of a local politician, local media has reported.

Scores were also said to have been injured after Raza Haider and his bodyguard were shot dead outside a mosque on Monday.

Haider's killing prompted his supporters to erect barricades in the street, and cars, restaurants and other businesses were reportedly set alight.

Fazal Qureshi, the chief editor of the Pakistan Press International news agency, told Al Jazeera that "all the buses have gone off the road and people aren't leaving their homes unless they really have to".

Shops and services have been closed in large areas of Karachi.

"Some have been closed in mourning" for the slain politician, while other shop-owners closed up in fear of rioting and destruction, Qureshi said.

Sources: Al Jazeera

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