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Ugandan paper ordered to stop printing list of gay people

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A Ugandan court has ordered a newspaper that called for homosexual people to be hanged to stop publishing the names and photographs of people it said were gay.

The order was granted a day after Rolling Stone, a new weekly tabloid, printed pictures of about 20 men described as "generals" of the gay community in Uganda. The headline was Men of Shame Part II, and followed the publication of a list of 100 allegedly gay people last month.

Several of the people in the original list reported facing harassment, including a woman who was forced to flee her home after neighbors pelted it with stones. Anti-gay sentiment in Uganda has been fueled by the campaign by politicians and evangelical preachers to pass a law that would see gay people face life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

The temporary injunction was granted following an application by Sexual Minorities Uganda, a pressure group. The high court judge Vincent Musoke-Kibuuka said the paper's anti-gay campaign was an "invasion of the right to privacy".

Frank Mugisha, the chairman of Sexual Minorities Uganda, said his organization would seek damages from Rolling Stone if the judge ruled against the paper in the next hearing on 23 November.

Sources: Guardian (UK)

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